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Hero Pulls Injured Man from Truck Before Fire


As part of a Lawyer’s ongoing commitment to fair and accurate reporting of accident incidents, we have learned that a Maryborough, Victoria, Australia, man is being called a hero for rendering aid to an injured truck driver on March 12.

The incident occurred at about 6:20pm, Saturday March 12, on the Bendigo-Maryborough Rd at Havelock, when the driver of a semi-trailer had apparently driven off the road, due to as of yet unknown reasons. The truck then turned over and rolled through some trees. By the time the truck had rolled to a stop, it had burst into flames.

A passing motorist, the local police are not releasing his name at this moment, stopped his vehicle and proceeded to the burning truck where he pulled the badly injured truck driver from the raging inferno mere moments before the truck became completely engulfed in flames.

The badly injured truck driver was airlifted to The Alfred hospital, which is located at Prahan, Victoria, Australia, and is a suburb of Melbourne. He has been thus far been listed as in serious but stable condition. Sources have told an investigator that the 38- year old truck driver’s injuries were quite severe, including “a serious compound fracture to his leg, 18 per cent partial thickness burns to his face, arms and throat and a hip injury.”

Eyewitnesses have described the scene as terrifying and hail the man that risked his own life to pull the injured truck driver from the jaws of death itself. Other witnesses have told a source that they had never seen such an act of courage as this passing motorist displayed. The Maryborough Police spokesperson stated they would be nominating the man for bravery awards. As has been stated previously, his name is being withheld at the request of the police department. Maryborough is approximately 10 kilometers south of the truck accident site.

This story has given local residents an added emotional boost as the entire community has been devastated by the torrential floods that wreaked havoc on many parts of Victoria, Australia, for much of January. It is also a testimony as to how much the local community has pulled together in times of need. Those in Nassau and Suffolk would react the same way.

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