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Crash involving a fire truck and two crash killed a woman Sunday morning


A deadly crash involving three vehicles caused the close of a major intersection in Mississauga, according to a witness.

The identity of the 42-year-old woman who died has not been made public yet but officials at the scene say she was dead on impact. The other drivers involved in the crash sustained only minor injuries, explained the police.

“The primary accident was between the fire truck and one of the vehicles,” one officer said and added. “The third vehicle was damaged as a result of the initial crash.”

A Good Samaritan reportedly called 911 right after the crash and police and ambulance vehicles were sent right to the scene.

Police say the fire truck was flying through an intersection with its sirens on when the truck t-boned the vehicle that reportedly didn’t stop.

“The car was smoking and the horn was constantly on, and the firemen were jumping out, trying to use the jaws of life to free the person with their bumper halfway through their car, ’cause they t-boned them right in the driver’s door,” said a witness to the accident and added, “It was very scary to watch and sad when it was obvious the woman had died.”

Police say no charges have been filed in the case but the local police are asking as many witnesses as possible to call in to the station with information. Police in Staten Island and Westchester would do the same.

The family members of the woman who died were unable to comment.

“This is such a typical and sad situation,” one police officer said. He continued, “So many people are in such a big hurry, they don’t take the time to stop and pull over for emergency vehicles anymore. Now the firefighters will always feel terrible and a young family has lost their mother.”

Lawyers claim this type of truck accident happens far more often than people realize and they deal with it every day.

Funeral services for the 42-year-old woman are set for next week. Officials expect to talk with the family sometime later that week.

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