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Out of control lumber truck collides head on with a passenger bus and kills 25 people


47 people were traveling to a bowling event in a passenger bus Sunday when a lumber truck slammed into them. At least 25 people were killed in the accident, according to police and more than 20 people were seriously injured.

Witnesses said the truck driver might have been distracted when he lost control around a curve before swerving into the passenger bus.

“Often times, after a thorough investigation, it becomes clear that the driver was distracted with something right before an accident,” the police explained, “So many of these accidents could easily be avoided.”

He went on to explain that although there has been a steady decline these past few years in truck accidents, the outcome hasn’t changed.

“The injuries are severe 90% of the time and somebody almost always is killed,” he said.

Highway officials and trooper say the accident happened very early in the morning because the bus passengers had been scheduled to make several stops before arriving at the bowling event that day.

The driver of the truck was killed and local police said his wife and son, who were in the truck with him, also died on the scene. “It’s a shame that the whole family had to die because of an accident like this,” said one officer.

This particular road has been home to several devastating accidents, according to a source. “In 2007, 27 people were killed in two accidents between trucks, a bus and a car on the same stretch of road.” He said. “Another accident in Queens and Manhattan in 2005, claimed the lives of 15 people.”

Local police say the road isn’t any more dangerous than any others. “Trucks just happen to use this interstate a lot, so the likelihood for truck accidents here is higher than it is on some of the more local highway roads.

The family of the driver of the bus could not be reached for comment but it appears he is in critical condition according to a hospital representative. “The way that bus looks from the accident, I am surprised anybody survived,” she said.

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