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Police officer saves man’s life at the scene of a terrible truck accident


“I first noticed a fire on the road. When I went near, I saw a man lying there and diesel was leaking from an overturned truck. As a result of the collision, both the vehicles had caught fire. There could have been a blast in the vehicles. I rushed towards the man and pulled him away from the spot, and called a PCR van,” said the police officer, which also heads up anti-terrorist operations at Daryaganj police station.

The truck driver speeding and then slamming into the bus allegedly caused the accident, which happened at a busy local crossing on Friday, said a witness.


He explained that when the truck and the bus collided, the truck turned over on its side and the bus driver was thrown onto the road.

The police officer was reportedly out patrolling when he saw the fire and the bus driver passed out near the two vehicles. His act of saving the injured bus driver was captured on camera according to his fellow officers, who now plan to reward his bravery.

“I reached the spot some two minutes after the accident. Though several people saw the man lying on the spot nobody rushed to his rescue. I just did my duty,” said the officer. After bringing the man to safety, the officer said the firefighters already had the fire under control.

Sources said the police officer had a long history with his department and worked in various units since 1995. He was promoted to inspector last year and is well thought of at his station.

He was perhaps best known for his work against one of his city’s bigger criminals and drug lords. Accidents like this are rare in The Bronx and Brooklyn.

“Any officer in my shoes would have done exactly what I did,” the brave officer told a reporter. “Saving people and protecting our citizens is part of the job.”

No other injuries were reported from the truck accident but the bus and the truck that were involved have both been totaled according to court reports.

“These types of accidents are devastating for the vehicles involved,” said the owner of a local towing company. “I’m thankful nobody else was seriously injured in this accident. From the way the bus and truck look, I’m surprised,” he added.

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