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Rhino truck’s sharp turn causes devastating accident killing three and injuring several


15 “loading boys” were aboard a Rhino truck after loading more than 150 wooden boards and were on their way to finish the job, when the truck took a sharp turn, skid off the road, and flipped multiple times.

The young men were buried under the heavy boards according to local police. A forklift was finally brought to the scene to lift the debris.

Sadly, three young men were found dead under the boards. The rest were severely injured and brought to the hospital. “One man’s leg was completely severed off from the accident,” said one of the officers at the scene.

The three who died were under the age of 30 and left young families behind. The rest of the men have not yet been identified.

Reportedly, the truck was being chased out of a concession forest, where the men were illegally taking the boards. The chase allegedly caused the reckless driving that led to the crash, according to police.

“Police say when the truck got to a certain point, the driver was speeding away, knocked down the Police mounted barrier and drove through to get away. When he made the sharp turn he swerved off the road,” said a Lawyer.

“The truck flipped over at least five times,” said a local witness. “It was scary to watch and looked frightening for the men who were riding in the truck with all those boards.” He added.

After the crash was cleaned up, police went through and counted only 70 boards in the debris. Allegedly, several trucks arrived at the scene and began loading the remaining boards.

Police are investigating the situation now and have issued a warning to suspects to return the boards, reported a source who has covered accidents like this in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

“A Rhino truck was not meant to be driven fast like that,” police said. “Thankfully they didn’t crash into any other passenger vehicles nearby. This could have been much worse.”

The driver of the truck will be charged with reckless driving causing injury and death, according to police.

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