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Semi-truck accident causes massive delays on interstate


A Semi-truck was driving east in Michigan when the driver hit a patch of ice, slid out of control and flipped over, said a reporter.

Dispatchers reported that the truck is blocking a large portion of the interstate and it is unclear whether or not other vehicles or injuries are involved.

Michigan has had a series of similar accidents this past month due to severe weather. Just last week a truck slid out of control and killed three people in a minivan.

“It’s been a rough winter and we’ve had some tragic accidents to show for it,” one police officer said. “The ABS and no text laws have helped but they can’t prevent every accident.” He added.

Texting while driving became illegal in Michigan last summer and there has been a small decrease in text-related accidents. “Drivers, unfortunately are still doing it,” a policeman explained. “They are on the road for 18 hours at a time and if they have a cell phone, sometimes the temptation is too great.” He said.

One truck driver was arrested for an accident he caused because he was actually looking at porn from his iPod touch, according to Police.

“People would be surprised how often this takes place with these drivers. They are alone on the road and they get bored and distracted.” He added.

Another common reason for these truck accidents is drivers being impaired by alcohol or drugs, revealed a reporter. “This is the case so much more often than people want to believe.”

Strict regulations are put on truck drivers and they have to pass a series of tests to even be allowed behind the wheel. “The majority of these drivers are good people who don’t break these rules,” said the witness. “The problem is when there is an accident, the result is almost always fatal or very serious, so the impact on the family, the driver, and the truck company is very great.” He said.

The trucking company involved with the accident in Michigan was unavailable for comment. Their main offices are in Staten Island and Westchester County.

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