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Semi truck crash closes major Interstate for several hours Sunday


Sunday afternoon a semi truck driver lost control of his vehicle causing an accident that would leave the Interstate closed for several hours The driver reportedly was driving eastbound when he lost control and slammed into a concrete barrier. The force from the truck knocked down and moved five concrete barriers, which left the truck across the other side and in the other lanes of the roadway.

“This scenario is very dangerous always,” said one police officer. “Luckily nobody was hurt this time.” He added.

Sources said this type of incident often leads to multiple injuries and even death under the most desperate circumstances.

Truck accidents have decreased by thousands but the percentages of fatalities associated with these types of accidents is still very high,” one witness said.

After a long line of questioning, it was determined by police that the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving conditions were normal and it appeared there were no other distractions.

“Sometimes all it takes is looking away from the road for one second,” a Lawyer revealed. “A driver could reach down to change a radio station and that could be it.”

Other drivers along the roadway in Queens, New York City were reportedly not happy about the road closing for so many hours.

“We had dinner plans with friends and now we just have to sit here,” said one man. “It’s a good thing we have cell phones these days or they wouldn’t have any idea where we were.” He added.

“I am so sick of truck drivers on this interstate,” another man said, “They drive in the left lanes too much and slow the rest of us down when we have to be somewhere. That truck driver was probably doing something wrong in his truck and now we all have to pay the price and just sit here!”

One woman said, “I’m just glad nobody was hurt. This could be much worse.”

The road was closed for a total of 3 hours according to police.

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