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Driver Arrested After High Speed Chase


Police in Long Island attempted to stop a driver suspected of drunken driving, explains a source. However, the driver was not willing to stop and instead took off at high speed. The police followed and this quickly turned into a very dangerous high speed car chase.

The driver is facing charges for drunken driving and also failing to stop and leaving the scene of a traffic accident.

The high speed chase started at around 3 PM. Police were alerted to the pickup truck which was driving dangerously by other drivers phoning it in. The vehicle was travelling westbound along the Interstate at high speed, with little regard to other people on the highway at the same time.

According to reports which have been seen by the press in New York, the speed of the pickup truck was faster than 100 miles per hour on some stretches of the road. The driver also went off the road quite a few times which kicked up debris onto the road and caused problems to other motorists on the road.

A few minutes after police received the first 911 call about the driver, the car crashed into a semi-truck. This severely damaged the front of the vehicle, however it was still drivable. Instead of stopping like he should have done, the driver instead drove off at high speed.

The police were quickly catching up to the driver of the car. The driver turned off the interstate at exit 121. He carried on driving through the town and joined highway 30 while driving at excessive speeds.

There was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the crash. This caused a bloody nose, but nothing too serious. This was caused because the passengers face hit the windshield and dashboard. This could only happen if the passenger was not correctly restrained in the vehicle with a seatbelt.

As with all traffic accidents a blood alcohol test was ordered explains the policeman. The results of this test are still pending, although it’s suspected that alcohol did have something to do with the incident.

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