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One Person Dead in Car Accident which Flips Cement Truck


A man driving a Suzuki attempted to reverse across four lanes of traffic. The car crossed the path of a cement truck which caused the truck to flip over. As a result of this the cement was spilled over the road.

The accident occurred on the northbound carriageway of Interstate 5 in Nassau, just south of the on-ramp for Palm Avenue. The driver of the Suzuki car hid the cement truck at around 1:30 in the early hours of this morning, according to reports obtained by the police.

This accident had a serious impact on traffic as the road was blocked for many hours. The driver of the cement truck was a 43 year old man traveling at around 50 miles per hour. The Suzuki driver reversed backwards across all of the lanes and struck the cement truck.

The exact reasons why a driver would try to reverse on a highway are not known. However, it has been speculated that the driver had missed his exit and decided that it was a fairly good idea to reverse so that he could try and get off again.

The accident caused the cement truck to turn over which then spilt cement over the whole road. This made cleaning up the debris from the accident very difficult.

The cement truck was also blocking the second, third and fourth lanes of the interstate. It’s estimated that an area of 7.5 yards was covered in cement from the truck. Before the road could be opened, not only would the truck have to be moved, but also the cement would have to be cleaned from the surface of the road.

The driver of the Suzuki from Suffolk was pronounced dead by the time the emergency services responded. The driver of the cement truck was unharmed by the accident as it’s a much stronger and more substantial vehicle.

The police department have not currently released the name of the driver which has died. This is so that the family of the victim can be notified before it is available in the press.

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