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Bicyclist involved in accident on CR 214


A bicyclist was involved in a serious traffic accident along County Route 214. The county sheriff’s office closed the road to investigate the cause of the accident.

A report obtained by the press has found that the bicyclist was an 18 year old male. He was traveling along Ryan Road at about 2:30 PM. When he reached the intersection with CR 214 he was hit by the oil truck. It’s not clear whether or not the accident was caused by the bike rider, or tank driver.

The investigation is currently ongoing. However, it’s not thought that the truck driver will receive any charges. It’s likely that the accident was caused because the bicyclist did not slow down and look at the intersection before crossing.

The police in Long Island are currently studying the commercial truck which hit the bicyclist. The reporter explains that this is the normal procedure in such accident. The truck needs to be inspected to find out if it was maintained correctly.

The road was shut for a few hours while the police investigated the cause of the accident. Investigators were on the scene of the accident while the accident was being investigated. This resulted in severe delays for motorists due to diversions. The road opened after a few hours and the road is currently open.

The bike rider from Manhattan was taken to hospital by ambulance for treatment. The patient was transferred to the emergency room. However the patient was later released when he was in a stable position.

The safety of the intersection is being called into question by local residents. This is the second bicyclist to of been struck on the intersection in a month. The first was a 23 year old student of University who was killed when he was hit by a Ford pickup truck which failed to stop.

Bicyclists are much more vulnerable than cars, and this means that they need to slow down a long time before the intersection. Although the bicyclist this time survived, it’s quite possible that the next time it will result in a death.

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