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An Accident on Interstate 5 ills one and Injures another


An accident which occurred on Interstate 5 resulted in the death of a 75 year old woman. An 87 year old Queens man was also involved in the accident and sustained serious injuries which required medical treatment. The man was airlifted to hospital for emergency treatment.

The couple was driving their car when it was rear-ended by a semi-truck during early Tuesday morning. This crash closed all of the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 which resulted in serious delays for travelers, explains the witness.

The woman was the passenger in their Honda car, and the state patrol managed to correctly identify her. The 87 year old man was driving the truck.

The accident occurred during the early hours of the morning at around 3:30 am. The Honda was traveling in the far right lane of Interstate 5. The police investigation has discovered that the truck was either moving very slowly or stopped in the lane when it was hit.

The semi-truck was driven by a middle aged man from Stanwood. He was driving in the same lane. When he saw the car in front, which was either moving slowly or stopped, he tried to brake. However, it was not possible for him to stop in time which caused the truck to slam into the back of their car.

The woman passenger died before the emergency services could arrive. The man was airlifted to a hospital in Seattle where he was listed as being in a critical condition.

The entire southbound carriageway of the interstate was shut for several hours while the investigators were working on the scene. The southbound lanes of Interstate 5 opened at 7:44 am after the accident was cleared and the road was safe.

The police are currently investigating the cause of the accident, states the source. It is not likely that the truck driver will receive any charges as the accident is not thought to be his fault.

The most important thing that the accident investigators in Staten Island need to discover is why the car was driving so slowly or was stopped on the highway.

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