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Truck Carrying Whiskey Overturns


A vehicle carrying whiskey overturned due to one of the tires bursting. Many residents of Queens found this accident fairly amusing.

Many people helped themselves to the cartons of whiskey which were spread over the street. Although most of the shipment was damaged and ended up down the drain, there were plenty of other undamaged bottles which were claimed by other people. Some people even took the broken bottles with them, presumably for a souvenir.

At around 6 am in the morning the truck carrying whiskey started on its trip. However, when it reached an intersection in Makali, the front right tire burst. This caused the driver to lose control of the truck, explains the police. The driver attempted to avoid hitting an electricity substation by steering sharply. This caused the truck to turn over.

Many bottles broke when they fell off the truck and the whisky ended up down the drain. The crash was very loud and this attracted many onlookers to stop what they were doing and have a look. People really liked the chance of getting some free liquor and many people visited the area hoping to carry some back with them.

Lots of people were discussing the accident with other people. People talked about the accident with their neighbors, and many other people who were interested in scoring some free booze. By the time the police had arrived to secure the site of the accident, almost all of the alcohol had already been liberated.

The driver was concerned that there would be a riot with all the free alcohol, claimed the police. Fearing for his safety he fled the scene of the accident. He only sustained fairly minor injuries. The assistant is receiving medical treatment for multiple fractures.

The Manhattan owner of the truck involved in the accident was not accepting any liability for the incident. He explained that these accidents happened and that were unavoidable. A burst tire could be a result of an improperly maintained vehicle, but it is just as likely to be the result of something unavoidable.

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