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28 Year old Killed on I-287 Remembered


The family and friends of a young victim who lost his life on Interstate 287 were grieving his loss. The 28 year old man from Port Chester was killed on the Interstate. His family and friends said that he was a much loved character and a very talented trumpet player.

The older brother of the victim said that he had a lot to offer the world. He was young and had his life ahead of him. He was very popular and had loads of friends. The brother is currently planning to travel to New York City so that he can be with his family at this upsetting time.

The police mentioned that the young man that died was very popular. He had a good personality and a great sense of humor. The friends of the victim were looking forward to the summer when they were planning to do parades.

The victim is well known for playing Trumpet in a popular high school, and later college band. He was always the one to reach the highest notes and push himself that little bit further than anyone else.

The truck accident happened between exits 9 and 10 on the interstate. The police received some calls before the incident which reported a car which was driving erratically. It was not clear whether or not this car was actually involved in the fatal traffic accident.

The car hit the barrier in between the carriageways and then spun out. The car then got stuck in the middle of the three lanes. A truck was unable to stop and crashed into the driver’s side of the vehicle. The truck driver was relatively unscathed by the accident. He only had minor scratches and did not need to be treated in hospital.

The young victim was traveling alone at the time of the accident in his Volkswagen Passat explained the witness.

This caused gridlocks throughout Westchester as the police were forced to divert traffic off the highway at Exit 9. The traffic was then directed back onto the highway after the accident.

The highway wasn’t completely opened until mid-morning when all three lanes of the interstate could be opened.

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