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Tanker Truck Accident Kills 1 Person


A tanker truck which crashed into a bridge burst into flames and killed one person, explains a witness. The accident forced the authorities to close down Interstate 485 early in Wednesday morning.

The truck struck a bridge support which weakened and damaged the bridge. This gave the police enough concern to close down the road until it could be checked by a structural engineer. This was done to protect the safety of drivers who were using the road.

The police accident report has been obtained by the Lawyer. This report says that one person has been killed in the truck accident. However, the police have not yet released the name of the victim or the case of his death. It has been said that the person had already died before the time the emergency services could respond to save the victim.

The tragic crash happened in Nassau shortly after midnight. Fortunately this was at a quiet time which meant that nobody else was involved in the accident. If the accident occurred at any other time of the day then more people could have been injured or died.

The police investigation into the accident is currently ongoing. It’s not currently clear what caused the accident. It has been suggested that it could have been caused by the weather. The weather report for the day the accident occurred showed that there were a lot of storms. The police will continue to investigate whether the weather did have a part to play in the accident. It’s not currently thought that alcohol or driver error were the cause of the accident.

The primary concern was the safety of the road bridge. Structural Engineers were called to check the strength and stability of the bridge before it was allowed to be opened again. The truck accident meant that the interstate 485 remained shut for over 4 hours and reopened partially at 5:30 am. However, some lanes remained closed until 7 am when all of the debris could be removed from the road. Fortunately the interstate through Suffolk could be opened again before the rush hour.

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