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How Investigators Piece Together a 12-Vehicle Puzzle


A station has received a police report detailing a crash which involved ten cars and two semi-trucks. The accident occurred at around mid-day on Thursday on Highway 41.

The crash was very serious and has left one woman in a serious condition. She is being treated at Neenah hospital. Three other drivers needed treatment, but as their injuries were less serious they could be treated at closer hospitals.

This is a very big crash and finding out what actually caused it will be difficult, explains the Lawyer. The highway remained closed until around 6 PM while investigators worked to study the evidence and try and identify the cause of the accident. It also took a long time for the recovery team to tow the damaged vehicles out of the way.

Thee local police department will need to carefully inspect every single clue that they found. It may be possible to use these to tell a story about how the accident actually happened.

The police department reported that the task ahead of them is actually very difficult. While they have sophisticated computer software capable of doing various calculations, it still needs lots of man-hours. The team will need to take accurate measurements, and then the software will help to estimate where the cars started which should hopefully show the cause of the accident.

The first thing that the police did was to interview any of the people involved in the truck accident. They sit down calmly with every driver and try to find out what happened from their point of view. This won’t always be particularly useful because they have just suffered a major shock. However, normally this yields some very valuable evidence which can be helpful. They will also interview eyewitnesses that might have seen the crash, but weren’t actually involved in it.

Investigating this accident will take a long time because 12 vehicles were involved. This means that the crash investigators will need to take lots more measurements than normal and feed all of these into the computer.

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