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Woman in Critical Condition after Traffic Accident


A driver was hit by a semi-truck while she travelled along interstate 75. The truck accident occurred on Wednesday at 9 am. The woman is said to be in a critical, but stable condition, explains the witness.

The driver of the car stopped the car in the emergency lane close to the State Road 200 exit. It is thought that she was experiencing car trouble and had no choice other than to stop. The driver got out of her car and stepped into the outside lane. This was when the semi-truck hit her.

The semi-truck driver attempted to slow down, but as he was too close when she stepped out this wasn’t possible. The report states that the truck driver did everything he possibly could have done to try and avoid hitting the lady.

The Driver explained that he saw the lady move into the lane and turned her back to him, so he tried to slow down. The middle lane was blocked; otherwise he would have moved over and prevented the accident. The lady was clipped by the right-hand front corner of the truck. The truck driver stopped as soon as possible and phoned the emergency services.

When the emergency services arrived on the scene the first thing to do was stabilize the condition of the woman. First aid was administered to ensure that no lasting damage affected the lady as a result of the truck accident.

The lady was in critical condition and so was airlifted straight to the University Of Florida Hospital. She is however in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery. She requires further treatment but should be allowed out of hospital sometime this week.

The police investigated the scene and say that her vehicle seemed to be ok. However, her gas cap was open. It is thought that the driver may have stopped when she realized she did not close the gas cap in order to close it.

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