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Driver Charged With Manslaughter


A man from Torrington is being charged with manslaughter for allegedly falling asleep at the wheel of his car. The driver is also alleged to of been on drugs which caused the truck accident.

The car ploughed into a semi-truck last year. This killed his accident on impact. He has been detained and charged with manslaughter.

The man received several charges including operating under the influence of drugs, misconduct with a motor vehicle and second degree manslaughter. He is thought to have driven the Jeep into the large truck, noted the reporter. The truck was parked up in a parking lot.

The driver turned himself into police at the Clark County Sherriff’s Office which should work in his favor. The State Police taskforce then transported him to Bradley international airport where he was transported to Torrington. Torrington police met him at the airport and took him straight into custody.

The case is currently ongoing and it’s not clear exactly what the outcome will be. It is expected though that if he is released he will not be allowed to operate a motor vehicle.

Officers arrived quickly on the scene of the accident and found the passenger was unresponsive and bleeding profusely from his face. The driver was initially transported to the local hospital as he explained that he swerved to miss a deer.

As a result of the impact of the crash the spare wheel which was not fixed down flew into the air and hit the passenger on the back of the head. The passenger was transported to hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

The car was extensively damaged, stated the witness. The front of the car was pushed back to the wheels. All of the wheels were bent out of shape as a result of the impact. Also, there were no marks on the tarmac which could have suggested that the driver tried to brake or slow down.

The driver told police that he hadn’t slept for over 24 hours; this is thought to be a contributing factor in the accident. Brooklyn and The Bronx experience accidents like this also.

As with all serious accidents, a drugs test was conducted. The urine of the truck driver discovered that he had been taking cocaine and benzodiazepine, according to the court documents obtained by the police.

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