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Truck Involved in Accident was Carrying Explosives


A semi-truck carrying a large quantity of explosives on Staten Island was involved in an accident on Wednesday. This caused a lot of concern to other motorists using the road due to the danger of the explosives exploding.

The truck accident occurred on Interstate 40, claims a witness. According to the police report, the truck was carrying explosives for the military which raises concerns about how these are transported around the country .

Military officials visited Queens to investigate the accident and find out exactly how something like this could happen. The semi-truck was carrying explosives from an ammunition plant to a warehouse where they would be stored until needed.

The authorities needed to block a large section of Interstate 40 while the accident was cleared. The Interstate remained blocked for longer than normal. This is thought to be because of the added danger of the explosives which were being transported at the time of the accident.

The police discovered that because explosives were involved, specialist teams from the military were needed to make the truck and its cargo safe before it could be moved off the road.

Only minor injuries were sustained as a result of the accident. Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt, and the explosives did not detonate. Also there were no evacuations ordered which shows that the military were confident in their ability to contain and deal with the explosives.

The highway patrol investigated the crash and determined that the explosives were undamaged by the crash. If the explosives were damaged then this could have been much worse. The truck was moved from the highway at around 3 PM and the road was opened shortly after this.

The military assure the public that although this accident involved explosives, there was no real threat to the public. The police and military worked together to ensure that the explosives were treated properly and that they did not risk any explosion.

The truck was owned by a private company contracted by the military. Perhaps this will change the way that explosives are transported from base to base.

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