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Four killed in taxi versus semi collision

Four men on their way to a wedding were killed in a truck accident when the cab they were riding in ran into the back of a big rig parked in the middle of the road, said the observer. What was the big rig doing in the middle of the road without any flares or warning signs? This is a good question and one that the police will want answered when they succeed in tracking down the negligent truck driver.

Because there was no warning that a truck had been abandoned in the middle of the highway, the taxi driver didn’t see it, as they were traveling in the very early hours of the morning, when visibility was not good. When the cab rear-ended the truck, three passengers and the driver died on impact, reported the source. There was one survivor, who was rushed to hospital for medical care.

Why a trucker would leave a big rig sitting in the middle of the road without any warning signs or flares just defies all common sense logic. Would he not have anticipated that someone would come along and possibly hit his vehicle? Why weren’t the authorities called when the truck had problems and needed to be abandoned? Why did the trucker not follow safety rules and put out flares, direct traffic around his rig or put up warning cones for several hundred yards down the road to keep people from running into his truck? Truck accidents like this one are not often reported in places like the Bronx or Brooklyn.

The families who opt to file a wrongful death lawsuit in this case will be interested in the answers to these questions as well, which is why they would be best advised to contact a rep with a track record of handling cases like this.

Truck accidents rarely involve just the trucker. They may also involve the truck company and in order to get all the right named defendants, you will need a New York Truck Accident Attorney on your side. The legal battle has only just begun and may take some time, but you can be rest assured that once you hire a New York Truck Accident Attorney, they are with you until verdict.

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