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Two vehicle wreck involves milk truck


This was a case with a bit of a different twist. A Ford utility van rear-ended a milk truck. While there was some spilled milk, over all, both the Ford driver and the trucker were okay after the wreck. From the truck accident reports, the police indicated that the Ford driver wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing and because he was driving while distracted, he slammed into the back end of the milk truck, explained the source.

There was some on scene clean up and a warning issued by police to drive with care in the area and avoid the frozen spilled milk. It was also suggested that others traveling the same highway use due care and attention to the road conditions and slow down accordingly. There is some speculation that the driver of the Ford utility van may be issued a speeding citation, added the police, which wouldn’t be too surprising given the road conditions at the time and the Ford driver’s inattention.

Luckily, neither driver was hurt, but this story could have very easily turned out another way. Driving while distracted cannot only cause injuries, it may kill someone, added the expert. Those behind the wheel of a vehicle owe it to themselves and others on the road, to take care while driving. It’s only common courtesy to take care out there and pay attention to your own driving, the road conditions and what others are doing around you. Your life may depend on it.

Truck accidents liked this have been reported in Staten Island and Suffolk.

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