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SUV swerves to avoid vehicle suddenly slowing down, hits rear end of semi


But for a chain of errors, this truck accidentmay not have happened, reported an observer. This accident would almost be comical if it were not for the fact that there were children involved in the accident. What happened is that an SUV was barreling down the highway, when the female driver suddenly found herself confronted with a car in front of her that suddenly slowed down.

With no other options open to her, the woman swung the SUV out of the left hand lane and promptly hit the rear end of big rig in the right hand lane. The 18-wheeler didn’t sustain any damage, but the same could not be said for the SUV, commented the reporter. The semi driver pulled onto the shoulder and the SUV parked on the median while waiting for the police to arrive with a tow truck, as the SUV was in no condition to drive.

When medical crews also arrived, the woman refused treatment for herself and her two children, saying she would go to her own doctor to have her kids checked out. They were complaining of pain from being suddenly restrained by their seatbelts when the SUV hit the back of the truck, explained the doctor. Frankly, this family was really lucky to make it out of this accident with seemingly minor injuries. It could have been far worse for everyone, and in particular the children.

Truck accidents like this are uncommon in New York City and Westchester County.

No matter what type of accident you may have had with a big rig, make sure you discuss your circumstances with a New York Truck Accident Attorney. The devil is in the details and you will want to make sure that if you choose to file a lawsuit that your New York Truck Accident Attorney has all the information they need to make your case a winnable one.

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