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Two truckers hurt in accident involving both semis


Strange things sometimes happen when you least expect them. This trucker and trucker accident case was unusual, as it did not involve moving vehicles, which should have meant a relatively benign outcome. Unfortunately, given the nature of the injuries, that may not be the case, indicated the police report.

This truck accident took place at a car manufacturing plant and happened just as the two semis were leaving the premises. One of the rigs stopped on its way out of the lot for an inspection before hitting the road. Evidently, the driver had some trouble opening the doors.

The driver of the other rig, noticing that his buddy was having problems, came over to help him out. As he got out to help the other trucker, the big rig moved forward and pinned both of them between the trucks; a pretty horrific truck accident, commented the officer.

One trucker had to be sent to hospital by Medivac chopper and the other was taken to hospital by ambulance. Rescue personnel said both were alert and awake and able to talk. While the ultimate outcome here may be a good one, it’s a lesson learned by both, that when you work with and around big rigs, you must use care and caution. They have the potential to maim and kill, even when they are not on the highways, said the expert.

The Bronx and Manhattan do not experience many accidents like this one because of the lack of major highways in these big city environs.

Big rig crashes are the worst accidents on the roads today and they generally don’t have a positive outcome. This is why, if you want fair compensation, you need to speak to a skilled New York Truck Accident Attorney. If your whole life was turned upside down by a truck accident and you need care for the rest of your life, your New York Truck Accident Attorney will ensure you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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