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Big Rig Bursts Into Flames After Collision


In this case, an 18-wheeler and a commuter bus collided, causing the truck to burst into flames. While this sounds like it was a disastrous accident, the outcome was better than any could have possibly hoped for given the circumstances, said the police.

When the two vehicles collided, the truck and trailer caught on fire when the diesel tanks burst open, spilling fuel on the roadway. The load on board at the time of the accident was non-hazardous goods and TVs and the bus involved in the collision was empty, but for the driver. While both drivers did sustain injuries, both were able to go home to New York City and Suffolk County the same day.

Despite the fact that the bus driver seemingly sustained only minor injuries, he may still wish to speak to a rep to find out where he stands in regards to the accident. While some injuries may look minor on the surface, often they have a way of turning into something else more serious later. It is always best to have competent legal advice should what appears to be a minor injury, turns out to be third degree whiplash.

Police will still need to figure out what caused the truck accident in the first place and this kind of information is something your rep will need to know to put together a case for court.

Don’t ever assume that just because your injuries appear to be minor that you should not speak to an experienced New York Truck Accident Attorney. They will be able to outline things you need to be aware of regarding your injuries and what you will need to do to file a lawsuit. A New York Truck Accident Attorney will make sure your rights are protected and that you don’t get bullied by an insurance company.

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