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Jackknifed Semi Accident Badly Injures Four


The semi in this case badly injured four when it jackknifed right at the scene of another crash on the highway, said a reporter. The bad weather conditions were the cause of the first accident and the snowfall was not letting up any when the second truck accident happened.

The highway was alive with the presence of numerous police officers, who had responded to the first accident, when a big rig driver lost control while trying to speed past another vehicle on the snowy highway. The rig hit a disabled car and two officers who were checking on the motorist, explained the police. Accidents like this one do not occur often in Manhattan or the Bronx.

One officer was trapped under the semi and rescue personnel had their work cut out for them to rescue him. The officer under the truck had rib and chest injuries, as well as a broken ankle. He was taken to the nearest hospital for medical help. The second officer hurt sustained head lacerations in the truck crash and a dislocated shoulder after being tossed into the air and landing 100 feet down the road.

The motorist who had previously crashed and was being checked on by police when the semi hit them was also taken to the hospital with internal injuries. She was placed in intensive care on arrival. The trucker was not hurt and the police will be handing out citations later, said an observer.

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