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One Killed in T-Bone Collision with Mack Truck


No one quite knows what made a man drive his Volvo right into the path of a Mack Truck. Although he was from another country, he surely would have known that the huge truck could not stop on time to avoid hitting him.

It appears that the man was at a stop sign along a highway and was trying to turn left onto it. He was behind a Dodge truck, also turning left. The Dodge made the turn and the man tried to follow right behind him, but instead of making the turn safely, he turned right into the path of an eastbound tri-axle truck and the truck accident ensued , reported the police.

The trucker had no place else to go and could not stop in time, explained the authorities, although there were skid marks extending for at least 15 yards from where the trucker did apply the brakes in an attempt to stop before the truck accident occurred.

The impact was spectacular and caused an under-ride after the truck had T- boned the Volvo, impacting the driver’s side of the vehicle. The trucker was not injured and remained at the scene while the police and EMS crews handled the accident debris and collected evidence.

The dead man’s family will no doubt want to speak to a competent lawyer in Manhattan or Staten Island to find out what their rights are in a case like this, as there will be questions about the speed of the truck and other issues that need to be covered.

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