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Increases in fatal tractor-trailer crashes leads to a goal to increase its laws and regulations


Lawyers say they and other truck driving lawyers plan to increase laws and regulations in an effort to better protect other drivers from debilitating or fatal crashes involving tractor-trailers.

In Missouri, for example, there has been a long stretch of fatal 18-wheeler accidents in the past six months. Attorneys there are advocating for stricter enforcement from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in Missouri.

In one particular crash that was reported recently, a truck driver, who was distracted only for what he claimed was only a moment, drifted to another lane and caused a pileup of seven cars. The crash reportedly caused two deaths and several serious injuries.

“Improper lane change is a major cause of sideswipe accidents involving tractor-trailers and small passenger cars,” said a source.

He went on to say it was considered an extremely serious safety violation in several State laws, including Missouri.

These accidents are considered preventable and are investigated regularly by truck accident investigators according to a recent report. “Both the truck drivers and the other motorists could do a better job at preventing these accidents,” a study revealed, “Laws can only be enforced by officials sometimes after it is too late.”

One personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn and also Long Island, who specializes in protecting victims of unnecessary truck accidents, is lobbying to make some changes he believes will decrease the frequency of these accidents. He is proposing increased Hours of Service requirements for the truck drivers, truck driver pre-qualification test increases, additional truck driver systematic safety training programs, and stiffer penalties for use of a cellphone while operating a semi-truck.

“Lack of local enforcement resources could be a contributing factor to serious trucking accidents,” a Lawyer explained. “But, most of the time an accident can be prevented starting with awareness from the truck driver and attention to his task at hand.”

One truck driver, who prides himself on the fact that he’s had no accidents, showed frustration at the increase in these accidents.

“It’s a shame because the careless drivers make the rest of us look bad.” He said.

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