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Truck company owner being charged for a truck accident that killed 19 people and injured eight others


The owner of a truck company faces charges today for 19 deaths and 8 injuries in an accident involving his container truck.

A group of 25 people from New York City and Staten Island, who were traveling in a party bus to a wedding party, were unsuspectingly hit by a large container truck. The minivan was sideswiped and turned over, according to a witness.

19 of the people in the van died on impact according to police reports. Fire trucks and ambulances came quickly to the horrific scene and began to cut people out of the vehicle.

Police accused the truck owner under articles 70 and 82 of the Traffic Law.

“Article 70 of the Traffic Law states that the owner or manager of a vehicle is responsible if a traffic accident caused by their vehicle leads to damages,” said a New York Truck Accident Lawyer and added, “Article 82 states that those who unintentionally cause death while driving shall be imprisoned from one to three years, and/or fined from 2 million riels (US$990) to 6 million riels (US$1,486).”

“We did not arrest the owners of the truck because they did not drive the truck, but they have to be responsible for the accident by paying [compensation] to the [families of the] dead and the injured,” said the police officer involved in the case.

“The container truck driver drove his truck too fast while the road is curved and slipped because it was raining which caused [him]…to hit the electricity pole and crash into the 15-seat minivan.”

The seven surviving people and the driver of the truck were sent to a hospital for treatment of severe injuries tells a Lawyer. Head on collisions are on the rise in the area; according to a local police officer stating that just last month a head-on collision killed five people and injured eight.

“We hope these charges will send a serious message to truck drivers and the owners that are suppose to enforce regulations,” he said. “These crashes are too devastating for people and families.” The owner of the truck company could not be reached for comment.

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