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Luck was with this overturned semi driver


No one goes off to work in the morning thinking they may be in an truck accident. The trucker in this accident case wasn’t expecting to overturn his rig either, said a friend. Unfortunately, it happened and the truck blocked large portions of the Interstate near an exit ramp. Traffic was re-routed around the big rig and on to the shoulder.

The police report is not clear on what caused the trucker to overturn his rig. They are searching for his cell phone and any other items in the cab of the truck that will give them some idea of what he was doing just prior to the accident. They will want to know if he was texting or talking on his cell phone, using a computer while driving or adjusting his GPS on the dashboard. It only takes mere seconds of inattention to the road to lose control of an 18-wheeler, explained the source.

The roads at the time weren’t in the best condition and there is also some speculation that the truck accident may have been caused by the semi hitting a patch of black ice, which raises the question of what speed the trucker was going. The police will be checking the onboard computer to find out his speed and whether or not he applied his brakes before rolling over.

Something to be thankful for in this situation is that there was only the one vehicle involved and no one else was hurt. It certainly had the potential to be a grisly accident scene had anyone else been too close to the truck when it rolled, commented the acquaintance.

Accidents like this occur in Long Island all the time but rarely do they happen in Manhattan and other urban areas.

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