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Trucker avoiding an accident ended up in an accident


In a slightly bizarre twist of events, this trucker, who went out of his way to avoid a truck accident, ended up getting into a crash anyway, recounted a witness. He overturned and as a result of that, ended up blocking the whole southbound lane of the highway for about five hours.

Evidently, a car on the highway just ahead of the tanker, swerved in order to avoid a box that was in the middle of the road. The semi, with nowhere else to do, then veered sideways to try and avoid hitting the car. He was carrying 5,100 gallons of gas.

Unfortunately, the trucker hit the median and the rig overturned, spilling about 2,000 gallons of fuel out across the road. EMS crews were on the scene in minutes, their focus trying to contain the gas from spreading. They knew that any spark could trigger the whole river of gas and send it up in a roaring conflagration explained the police.

They shipped in loads of dirt to keep the fuel out of the sewer system and storm drains and worked to contain it into the ground. The other priority was to get the leak stopped at the fuel tanker and carry on. Over the next few weeks after the accident, HAZMAT crews would go back to the scene and dig up the fuel soaked soil and dispose of it.

The trucker and the car driver were taken to the nearest hospital for treatment of the injuries from the truck accident, none of the people had life threatening injuries. This accident could have been a whole lot worse, indicated the report and the trucker could have run up the back of the car he was trying to avoid. It’s a lesson for the car driver in what not to do when you are travelling with big rigs.

Accidents like this one can really do damage if they occur in highly populated areas like The Bronx and Brooklyn.

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