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Man in Hospital After Logging Truck Accident


According to local police, a truck driver is at fault for an accident that involved two cars and a tractor trailer. One of the men landed in the hospital, according to a NY Truck Accident Lawyer. It all went down somewhere around noon on Wednesday, at the cross streets of Brushy Fork Road on Rt. 33 in Buckhannon, says the NY Truck Accident Lawyer.

According to the police reports available, one man was driving east on Rt. 33 in a tractor trailer, when he supposedly ran a red light and hit a car that was crossing the intersection. The severity of the damage is unavailable at this time, claims the NYC Truck Accident Lawyer.

The driver allegedly lost control, and jumped the median into the west bound lane hitting an SUV.  He was ticketed for failure to obey a traffic control device.

One lane of traffic on both sides of Rt. 33 had to be closed down for several hours. It is unclear exactly how long. Residents say this seems to be a common problem on this particular road, so it has been said that maybe there is a safety matter at hand that will have to be dealt with at some point in the future. Whether that will actually be done or even addressed is up in the air at this time. Residents in the area just want to be able to feel safe while driving on this particular stretch of highway. Only time will tell if that is a real concern.

While it’s not yet determined whether or not drugs or alcohol was involved in this crash, investigators are currently working on finding out. Nothing has been ruled out just yet, including the question of whether or not the truck driver may have simply been tired from driving a long shift. If this type of accident was discovered in Manhattan, New York City, it would be wise to get a NY Lawyer on the case.

The Buckhannon Police Department is currently investigating.  They were joined by the Upshur County Sheriff’s Department. Several other agencies responded including, Upshur County EMS, Buckhannon Fire Department, Upshur County EMS, Warren District Fire Department, Adrian Fire Department, and the Department of Highways

When life throws your family a hardball, you need to hire a NY Truck Accident Attorney. The law can be a hard thing to learn on your own and a NY Truck Accident Attorney can help.

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