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Truck Accident Knocks Out Hydro Pole


The intersection of Derry Rd. W. and Creditview Rd. will be shut down for several hours, says a New York City Truck Accident Law Firm, after a transport truck struck a cement hydro pole this morning causing live wires to dangle dangerously over the road. It is unclear how long the wires had been there, and if this was a dangerous situation to begin with.

The accident was reported around 11:30 am. Emergency crews arriving on the scene stated that the pole was falling over the road, with live wires sparking.

Peel Regional Police quickly shut down the intersection and the roads in the immediate area, says the NYC Truck Accident Law Firm. Work crews were dispatched to the scene to clean up fuel that flooded the eastbound lanes of Derry Rd. It is not known at this time how long that job will take. Crews couldn’t give an estimate until they got a good look at the damage to the area how long it would take to fix.

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Enersource Hydro Mississauga says about 2150 customers lost power as a result of the collision. Power should be restored shortly. They want everyone to know that they are working diligently on fixing things and that if you are out of power, you should just be patient. No one is going to go unnoticed and everyone will eventually have their power restored. They say that phone calls, especially angry ones don’t help the situation, to just sit tight, and wait. Power will be restored to the area as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The driver of the transport was not injured, although it is unclear whether drugs or alcohol were involved with the accident at this time, although an investigation into the matter is currently pending. The hydro pole will have to be replaced because of the damage.

“Members of the public shouldn’t expect the Derry Rd.-Creditview intersection to be open for quite some time,” said the Peel Police.

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