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Jury Awards $13 Million for Truck Negligence


A Florida jury has awarded $13 million to a mother and her daughter, a New York Truck Accident Lawyer has learned. The award is the result of a traffic accident that occurred in 2005 when the vehicle the woman’s daughter was a passenger in collided with a log truck. The log truck was attempting to make an illegal U-turn and had almost stopped as it stretched across the four-lane highway. It was at this time that the car that was driven by her then-boyfriend collided with the truck. Both then-17-year olds were injured, but the female received the worst injuries. As a result of this accident, she must live with permanent brain injuries, short-term memory loss, and physical impairments.

The jury found both the truck driver and the owner of the truck negligent. They determined this negligence was not only for the truck driver making an illegal U-turn, but also for many of the lights on the truck being inoperative, which made it much more difficult to see on the dark road. They also assessed some blame to the female for failure to wear a seatbelt, a NY Truck Accident Firm was told. The jury further added that the Florida Department of Transportation bore some responsibility for failing to place proper signage along the highway prohibiting U-turns. The young woman’s former boyfriend was also assigned some responsibility for his reaction to the situation but was not found negligent. A similar case in Staten Island or Long Island, NY would have a lawyer knowledgeable in this area on hand.

Sources further enlightened the Attorney that the same driver had been cited for running a red light two days prior to the accident.

The girl’s mother who sued on behalf of her daughter bears the responsibility of caring for her daughter who as a result of the accident is unable to work or to provide certain care for herself. The family’s burden should be somewhat lighter after this award, as within this award are elements that provide for her medical expenses, pain and suffering, and also for loss of income. Although the monetary award can never replace what the accident took away from the young lady, it can at least ease the burden of the lifelong care that she will require.

When a truck accident occurs, trucking companies will often send out representatives including lawyers and insurance agents to confront & intimidate the victim at their most vulnerable. They use this opportunity to gather protection for themselves and protect their large assets. A trucking accident lawyer can represent you from the moment of the accident to the moment your case is resolved in a court of law. If you have been injured in a trucking accident, you need the experienced representation of a skilled New York Truck Accident Attorney.

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