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Road Rage Causes Accident


Initial reports indicate that road rage may have been to blame for an accident on Alternate Route 7 in Colonie on Wednesday, according to early reports from a New York City Truck Accident Law Firm.

Police say two cars engaged in a traffic dispute were driving eastbound past a tractor

trailer driven by a woman, 57.

The driver of the first car drove by the truck and entered the right lane ahead of it, applying their brakes when they noticed traffic ahead was slowing. The NY City Truck Accident Law Firmsays the second car, driven by a 23-year-old of Troy, attempted to enter the right lane too while both drivers continued to throw what troopers described as “uncivil hand gestures” back and forth.

The woman lost control of her vehicle and began to circle into the path of the tractor trailer. The vehicle was hit by the truck’s front bumper.

The truck drove off the roadway onto an embankment, coming to a controlled stop. The trailer’s wheels were suspended 18 inches above the ground. Luckily he was able to keep the truck from continuing down the embankment and overturning.

None of the drivers were injured in the accident, although investigators say the victims are extremely lucky in this case. Troopers had to close the road’s eastbound lanes for 40 minutes while they removed the truck. An early investigation as to whether drugs or alcohol was involved in this crash is pending, although it is unlikely the cause was anything other than stress and anger. Often intoxication can cause these things so it is absolutely necessary to investigate all things that may or may not have caused the crash.

Road rage is often a cause in accidents and taking the time to relax before getting in your vehicle can often prevent such accidents from occurring. Accidents like this which take place in Suffolk and Nassau Counties, NY are handled by attorneys who are familiar with NY law.

The woman was ticketed for changing lanes unsafely, and will answer to the charge at a later date. She’ll probably just be fined for her actions.

If you or your loved ones find yourself in accident or other legal trouble, contact a New York Truck Accident Attorney today. A New York Truck Accident Attorney can help you with all your legal needs without added stress and confusion.

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