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Malfunctioned Brakes cause accident on I-70


Failing brakes cause a truck accident that injured at least three people and closed traffic lanes for most of the day Sunday, a New York Truck Accident Lawyer explained. The scene was all too common on I-70 Sunday. The road was closed most of the day because of an accident involving an 18 –wheel truck and an unsuspecting SUV, stated an Accident Lawyer.

The truck appeared to have been driving out of control according to local authorities when its brakes failed and slammed into a Chevrolet Trailblazer causing it to roll over on its side.

Passengers in the SUV were all injured to some degree. One of the passengers had to be cut out of the truck and had serious injuries. The other two passengers were left with only minor injuries but were sent to the hospital for observation according to police.

The 59-year-old driver of the truck sustained minor injuries, confirmed hospital workers. The driver will reportedly be charged with careless driving causing injuries. Officials believe the main cause for the crash was excessive speed for the steep grade.

“The driver was going too fast and this could have been avoided,” said a State trooper. “He is lucky nobody was killed.”

The truck was carrying a material called sulfatrol destined for Nassau and Suffolk County according to State Troopers. “This material spilled all over the highway and is not dangerous but could cause trouble,” said one police officer. “We had to keep the road closed all day to keep vehicles away and make sure it was all cleaned up.”

Accidents of this nature can often be fatal and much more devastating for drivers and passengers, described a New York Truck Lawyer. “We will hear about this type of accident thousands of times and there is almost always a fatality or serious injury.” He added.

Statistics show a small improvement in the frequency of these accidents, according to a study recently conducted in the seven of the United States, but they remain a high concern for police, troopers, truck companies and other drivers on the highways. An accident or this nature which takes place in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY will always have a lawyer who is familiar with the local laws on call for direction and guidance.

“Stricter laws and regulations have been put in place, but we have a long way to go,” said one state trooper. “Having the ABS on the vehicles helped but it isn’t a perfect solution. The drivers have to take responsibility for their own distractions and rest when they need to.”

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