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9-Vehicle Pileup Due to Low-Visibility


A 9-vehicle pileup in Montana has left 16 people injured and some of the law enforcement officers who were on the scene saying that was the worst series of accidents they have ever seen in at least 10-years, a New York Truck Accident Lawyer has learned.

Montana has been receiving near-record snowfall as of late. This has created snowdrifts at various points along the highways. Winds in Montana can be especially brutal, and this day they were blowing particularly hard, according to eyewitnesses that spoke with a Truck Accident Lawyer. This blowing wind decreased visibility to near nothing, and contributed greatly to the accident. The first trooper that arrived on the scene within about one minute after the van hit the snowdrift and stopped in the middle of the road.

To start all of this chain of events off, a van struck a snowdrift on Highway 2 in Roosevelt County, Montana. This, in turn, led to another vehicle striking it, and another, vehicle striking it, and on and on. This chain of events continued until a tractor-trailer drove into the last of the vehicles, and according to the deputy on the scene who told the New York Truck Accident Lawyer “the semi was like a bowling ball going through bowling pins.”

A Lawyer was told that 15 people were taken to one of the local hospitals, while the truck driver refused treatment. Fortunately, authorities stated, there were no fatalities involved and most of the injuries were relatively minor scrapes and a few broken bones. All of the passenger vehicles were completely totaled.

Eyewitnesses at the scene told a New York Truck Accident Lawyer that they had never seen anything like it. With each vehicle that came up on the accident just kept plowing into the vehicle that had gotten there before, as they could not see anything. One of the deputies on the scene stated that he could only see about two feet in front of him with him standing outside.

While the temperatures in Montana at the time of the accident were in the 20’s, the wind-chill was reported to have been severe. When a pileup like this happens in The Bronx or in Brooklyn, NY, attorneys with local experience are always called.

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