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Fuel Tanker Loses Control


A fuel tanker dumped roughly three to 6,000 liters of gas late on Tuesday after getting out of control on a rural Manitoba highway, explains a New York City Truck Accident Law Office.

The accident happened somewhere between 10 pm and 11 pm on PR 280 about 50 kilometers west of Gillam, indicates an attorney from the City Office close to the source.

According to the New York Truck Accident Law Office, RCMP say the tanker was driving eastbound when it hit an oncoming vehicle at the crest of a hill. The truck caught the edge of the road and landed on its side in the south ditch. The oncoming vehicle couldn’t stop.

It is not yet clear whether drugs or alcohol had a direct relation to this accident. Both parties are being investigated although the likelihood of finding a correlation is still unknown. Neither driver is said to have drug or alcohol problems so the findings will be of interest. It is also said that the driver of the fuel tanker may have very well been tired, but this too is currently unknown and an investigation is under way.

Police are combing the area for witnesses, but still have yet to find anyone to come forward with information. Anyone who thinks they may have been in the area or may have seen something are encouraged to contact local police with that information, even if they think it might be insignificant in nature.

The 46-year-old truck driver from Grand Rapids suffers minor injuries that are said to not be life threatening. It is not known if he was or is still in the hospital, but right now he seems to be doing okay.

As of Wednesday morning, PR 280 was still closed between Split Lake First Nation and Gillam while environment workers got the scene cleaned up. It is unclear exactly how long it will take to get the roadways cleared and traffic flowing regularly on the road. Drivers heading that way are urged to proceed with caution at this time. An accident like this one which occurs in Manhattan, New York City, would call for a Truck Accident Lawyer in NY City to handle the legal aspects.

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