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Woman Killed in Truck Crash


A 41 year old woman who was a resident of Scotts was fatally injured in a car-semi truck crash this afternoon on West Columbia Avenue, according to the initial investigation reports from a Manhattan Truck Accident Lawyer.

The woman was driving southbound on Columbia when she ran into the back of an empty tanker truck somewhere before 1pm today, were the reports that came in from authorities. It is unknown at this time the condition of the driver of the tanker truck, but he is believed to be okay right now. Investigation is pending, and the man will be questioned once it is known that he is in good health.

The 41 year old woman was pronounced dead at the scene, says the Manhattan Truck Accident Lawyer, after her Chevrolet Cavalier hit the truck hard, which was stopped as the driver prepared to turn left into Arlene’s Truck Stop, 4647 W. Columbia Ave. No one at the Truck Stop has said anything that led investigators to believe they knew they exact cause of this crash.

It is unclear at time whether or not drugs or alcohol are factors in the cause of the accident. Not much is known about the woman involved just yet other than her age and place of residence, although the community is extremely saddened by the tragic death of this woman. An investigation into whether or not the driver of either vehicle is dependent on drugs or alcohol is pending. In Queens and Staten Island, NY, an experienced attorney who knows the law would be involved.

Police were looking for witnesses, although none have come forward just yet. They have been in contact with the owners of the Truck Stop that the accident happened in front of, but so far no one has said anything that has any relevance to this case. Anyone with any information is highly encouraged to contact their local police department if they know anything, even if they think it’s insignificant. Sometimes even the most minor thing can help solve a mystery and that very well may be the case in an accident such as this.

If you have a legal problem and don’t know where to turn, a Manhattan Truck Accident Attorney can help. It can be scary to be involved with a legal battle, and a Manhattan Truck Accident Attorney can calm those fears.

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