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Perils at Lexington School, Reports New York Tuck Accident Lawyer


Students at a Lexington South Carolina School found themselves in a dangerous situation last Tuesday.

The witness said that the trouble began around 7:00 on Tuesday morning, when a semi truckcarrying almost 9 thousand gallons of gasoline on North Lake Drive overturned in the road in the Sunset Boulevard area, spilling almost 500 gallons of its load onto the road and into the surrounding brush.

Lexington Middle School, which is located approximately 1500 feet away from the site of the spill, was immediately put on high alert by two Lexington County Police Officers who were filling up their patrol vehicle at a Hess gasoline station within site of the accident when the 18 wheeler flipped.

School officials were quick to form a plan for students, opting not to evacuate the school. Winds, which were blowing the fumes away from the school, coupled with the exceptionally quick response time by the local police, meant that the actual risk to students was minimal. The administration determined that keeping the students sheltered in the building was a safer option than attempting a mass evacuation to a parking lot several hundred feet away from the school.

The authorities said that additional information about the incident, such as the condition of the driver, the factors that may have contributed to the truck accident, and any forthcoming litigation, was unavailable, pending the completion of the investigation by the Lexington County Police Department. Truck accidents like this are uncommon in Brooklyn and The Bronx.

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