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Truck Overturns and Kills Two


Two people died after a truck overturned in the town of Stellenbosch. Four other passengers are in critical condition and were taken to the nearby hospital. The extent of their injuries is currently unknown. The driver of the truck, who was also taken to the hospital, has deep cuts on his face and body. Medical personnel responded quickly after the truck accidentwas reported. It is unclear how the accident occurred and if the truck driver is at fault. Local law enforcement will have to investigate further to learn more about the cause of this tragedy.

When medical personnel, including two medical doctors, EMS helicopter and a rescue vehicle arrived, they quickly assessed that two of the passengers were dead on the scene. The other four passengers had various injuries which required immediate medical attention. Injuries included severe head trauma and leg and arm fractures. The accident happened around 3pm on Adam Tas Road. A spokesperson for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) stated that those who survived the accident are receiving medical attention.

Luckily, medical personnel were able to reach the scene of the accident quickly to transport the injured people to the local hospital. Those with head trauma will have to be monitored to determine if permanent damage has been done. Those with fractures probably need to rest until their injuries heal completely. Physical therapy may also be needed depending on the severity of their injuries. The cuts on the driver may also take time to heal. He will have to be monitored so he does not develop an infection from the wounds.

It is unknown if charges will be filed against the driver of the truck for the death of two passengers and the injury of four others. It is also unknown if funeral arrangements have been made for two people that died. Law enforcement is still investigating and will need to gather more evidence before formally filing charges against anyone involved. If it is determined that the truck accident was not his fault, the driver may not face any charges. This would be the procedure in places like The Bronx and Brooklyn.

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