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Police Looking for Witness to Vehicle Accident


The driver of a Wonderbread truck may have witnessed a fatal vehicle crash that killed a 20-year old man. Police are looking for the bread truck driver to question him about what he saw on Nashville Road and Highway 50 around 6:30am when the accident occurred. The young man was driving in one direction when his car jumped the center divider and hit a pickup truck traveling in the other direction. There are no other witnesses to question about this accident.

The driver of the pickup truck survived and was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for minor bruises and other minor injuries. It is unclear at this time why the young man would swerve his car into the lane. The car may have malfunctioned or the man may have fallen asleep behind the wheel. With many possibilities, local law enforcement officials are hoping the bread truck driver may be able to provide additional details. So far, police have not been able to locate the driver of the bread truck.

Since police have yet to determine how this accident happened, the young man’s name has not been released. Police may also need more time to locate the man’s family so they can make funeral arrangements and begin the grieving process. Funeral arrangements will probably be announced once the man’s identity has been released.

After the truck accident, Nashville Road and Highway 50 were closed for hours while police gathered evidence and cleared the scene. Without the bread driver’s account of what he saw it is unclear whether law enforcement officials will be able to determine how this accident happened. In cases like these where there is little evidence, having a witness can help greatly. The police in Tenn., as they would in Manhattan or Long Island, are actively looking for the driver of the bread truck by asking the driver to step forward. Any details the bread truck driver can provide may help law enforcement officials solve this case and allow the man’s family to put their loved one to rest.

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