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Pie Crust Truck Overturns

Police told a reporter about a truck accident that occurred on Monday morning on Highway 70 in Washington County. The tractor trailer vehicle blocked the highway for several hours and traffic was jammed in 4 miles along the highway. A witness claims that the truck was carrying pie crusts to Buffalo Township when got out of control and careened off the road and turned over. The media came on the scene to cover the story. The tractor-trailer truck flipped over and landed on the highway in the westbound lane. Lucky for everyone, there were no cars that were driving in the westbound lane during the time of the crash.

Also fortunate for the driver of that tractor-trailer, he was not killed in the crash. He was taken from the truck and driven to the hospital where he received treatment for his injuries. A policeman was uncertain at this time whether they will file charges against the tractor-trailer driver or not. New York City and Long Island police try to warn drivers against being unaware of what’s going on around them. Truck accidents often are caused by the fact that the truck driver becomes bored and distracted and does not pay attention to the conditions on the road he’s driving on. There were no drugs or alcohol involved in this case but that is often the case. Drivers on long hauls often use alcohol and or drugs to deal with the boredom which comes with this kind of job.

Every motorist was unhappy that the highway was shut down for so long. It was during busy rush hour, and it caused a lot of inconvenience for many motorists. In addition, the crash caused diesel fuel to spill onto the road and cleanup crews had to be called on the scene to take care of the matter.

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