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Cleveland 18 Wheeler Goes Off the Rails


A routine haul for one Cleveland area big-rigger ended in tragedy on Tuesday, said a witness who was in contact with a representative from the Cuyahoga County Coroner’s Office.

The accident occurred after the 18 wheeler, which was heading down Interstate 480, jackknifed on the Valley View Bridge, sending the cab of the semi over the edge of the bridge, landing in a patch of trees. The driver of the truck was an unidentified middle-aged man who was native to the Cleveland area. Fortunately, no additional people were involved in the truck accident, and there was no damage to other cars on the bridge. The source explained after the accident that the driver was driving erratically, and may have been weaving from side to side.

Rescue units responded from at least four different counties to the scene of the accident. Forces from Brooklyn Heights, Independence, Cuyahoga Heights, and Garfield Heights were all present, but unfortunately nothing could be done for the driver of the truck, who was declared dead at the scene.

Additional information about the case was unavailable as of the writing of this article. The source we spoke with said that when accidents like this occur, the police frequently refrain from commenting to the media until after a formal investigation has been concluded. It is not yet known if the driver of the tractor trailer would be faulted in the accident, or if mechanical failures or road conditions played a part.

Truck accidents like this are common in places like Westchester County and Staten Island. These are mainly rural areas with highways a plenty. This makes the chances of accidents of this sort much more likely. Urban areas are less likely to create accidents of this kind.

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