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Woman dies in truck accident


Police told a reporter that a woman was killed on Saturday morning after her pickup truck crashed into a tractor-trailer in Lindley town. The woman was from Corning, which is a town nearby. The truck accident happened approximately 5:40 p.m. between Stowell Road and Route 15, which was close to the highway as police told the lawyer. The woman was 54 years old, and she was on her way to visit her family. The car got out of control, while it was driving east on Stowell Road.

She was unable to stop the car when she got to the intersection. Therefore, the car skidded on the road and careened into the front of the tractor-trailer that was coming in the opposite direction. At least, this is what the source believes. The man that was driving the tractor-trailer was 60 years of age, and he was driving from Trenton, Ontario. The truck driver was not able to stop the truck in time to save the woman. So the tractor trailer hit the pickup truck that the woman was driving and it struck the side where the passenger sits. Accidents like this are common in Long Island but not in New York City.

According to the media, the woman was dead on the scene. The coroner also confirmed the woman’s death on the scene. There was an eight-year-old in the passenger seat at the time of the truck accident. However, that eight-year-old passenger was not seriously hurt. He was treated at a hospital because of complaining about pain in his neck, and his back. The police reported to the public that they are continuing their investigation into this matter. At this time, no traffic tickets will be issued, according to the police report.

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