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Red Light Runner Slams into Truck


Some days, it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. This particular day was not a good one for this woman and her two children. The woman, who was driving a PT Cruiser was headed east on a street when she careened into a commercial truck that was heading south.

While the details are not crystal clear in this case, what is known is that the woman blew a red light just prior to the accident. She was taken to the hospital. Thankfully, the two children were not hurt and the trucker was in good shape as well, said the source.

Chances are that the police with cite the woman for running the red light and will also want to take some time to find out what she was doing just before going through it. They will want to find her cell phone and determine whether or not she was using it at the time of the truck accident, as in texting or having a conversation while driving.

They will also be checking to see if she was attempting to use an onboard GPS device, handling her kids to settle them down, reaching for something on the floor of the vehicle or was eating and driving at the same time. This accident has all the signposts of driving while distracted and only further investigation will give the police enough details to know what charges they may lay, explained the reporter.

There is one other thing to consider here, and that is, even though it may look like this truck accident was caused by driving while distracted, the woman may well have been under the influence, another thing the police will be checking. Police in Brooklyn and Queens would handle this accident and the evidence they found the same way.

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