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Woman on Motorized Wheelchair Killed by Truck


Sometimes, bad things happen to good people and there seems to be no explanation for it. But then again, if you take a close look at some truck accident cases, there may be something else there just under the surface, waiting to be discovered.

This case was particularly heartbreaking, as it involved a 71-year old woman in a motorized wheelchair crossing at a marked intersection. She was struck and killed by a garbage truck driver who was initially charged with negligent homicide, a misdemeanor carrying up to two years prison time if convicted. When the case got to trial, the judge ruled that he should not stand trial for this charge, explained the observer. There is an appeal under consideration.

There are many things that could have happened in this case, not the least of which is that the woman in the wheelchair, despite seeing the truck, may have proceeded to cross anyway. Stranger things have happened and if she thought the truck had a lot of time to stop, she may have decided she had time to cross and he may not have had time to stop that large truck.

On the other side of the fence, the garbage truck driver may not have seen the woman in the crosswalk, suggested the witness. The lighting may have been bad and he might not have been able to see her chair from the driver’s seat, as she would have been quite low compared to the high grill of the truck. He may also have been speeding, on the phone, had defective brakes or reaching for something on the dashboard. Its details like this that will make a difference as to how the case proceeds, outlined the reporter. Truck accidents like this one are common in Westchester County but not in New York City.

For those who have been in a wreck with a truck and lived to tell about it, the only way to get fair compensation is to hire an experienced New York Trucking Accident Attorney. Your rights are important and without someone to stand up for you and be your voice in court, you may not get the award you deserve. A New York Trucking Accident Attorney knows what to do to maximize your compensation.

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