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Road Rage Caused Crash


According to an Idaho police report obtained by a source, the possible reason for an accident is due to road rage. Aggressive driving is thought to be the reason why an accident which involved four cars and a dump truck on interstate 84 occurred. Interstate 84 was gridlocked for hours as a result of the truck accident.

The report explains that this accident snowballed and created a chain reaction. This meant that different members of the emergency services needed to work together. Motorcycle police controlled the traffic and various ISP officers needed to investigate the accident scene.

When the VW stopped, the dump truck attempted to swerve out of the way of it and tipped over through the barrier. According to eye witness reports, the truck spilt the entire load of a tone of gravel over the road at around 2:30 PM. The driver of the truck received only minor injuries.

The VW car also hut another mid-sized pickup truck which was traveling west on Interstate 84. This caused the truck to spin out next to a highway divider. Reports from other drivers explain that they believe the driver was driving aggressively. The driver is said to of been agitated by something when passing the truck.

Police questioned the driver of the Volkswagen Bug. However she was not available to give any interviews to the press. It is thought that driver error and unsafe driving are to blame for this accident.

The police investigation is currently ongoing. It is said that the police currently do not have enough evidence to prove that road rage was to blame. The police will try to hear from more drivers and witnesses so that they can learn exactly what happened.

Road rage is thought to cause many accidents in Westchester and Staten Island each year. If you are ever involved in a road rage incident then you just need to ignore it and get out of the way. There’s no point getting angry as well because this increases the risk that you will also be involved in the truck accident.

If you are ever accused of driving without care and attention then you should hire a New York Truck Accident Attorney. A New York Truck Accident Attorney will help defend you from receiving fines or penalty points.

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