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Popular Pregnant High School Student and Man Die in Crash


A pregnant high school student from North Bergen died as a result of a drunken crash, reports a Lawyer. The family of the young girl said that she would have been attending her prom tonight if it wasn’t for this fatal accident.

An 18 year old student and 42 year old man died in the accident. A driver who is alleged to be intoxicated hit the semi-trailer truck on Saturday afternoon. This killed the young girl and the man very quickly. It is believed that the two killed were a couple, and that the 42 year old was in fact the father of her unborn baby.

The Long Island accident caused a large fireball and a lot of noise. The crash happened at 6:15 in the morning. The 42 year old man was the driver of the semi-truck, with the young girl as his passenger. A SUV allegedly driven by a drunk driver is thought to of cut the truck up which caused the truck driver to try and brake and steer out of the way. This caused the cab and the trailer to separate.

Eye witness reports say that the truck fell on its side soon after the impact. The police noted that this would have killed the driver instantly before emergency services could respond. The girl was alive when the police arrived; she was successfully pulled out of the vehicle and was transferred to a local hospital. However, she died shortly after as a result of her injuries.

The principal of North Hills High School was very sympathetic. He offered his sympathy to the family and provided counselors for the other students to talk to. She was a very popular student and the school is flying the flat at half-mast as a mark of respect.

There is a memorial to the much loved student at the school and students have also been allowed the time off school to attend her funeral.

The Long Island principal also led fundraising activities which have managed to raise $5,000 which will help the family to pay for burial costs.

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