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Interstate 65 reopened after Accident


Police reopened the northbound lanes of Interstate 65 after a truck accident which affected a semi-truck, explains a witness. The trailer was thought to be carrying hazardous materials which caused concern for the cleanup operation. This also complicated the process of reopening the road.

The crash happened at about 3 o’clock in the early hours of the morning. This was around a mile south of the exit for Indiana 38. This caused large delays for anyone traveling along Interstate 65 as traffic quickly stated to back up.

The accident blocked all the lanes of the highway which caused police to divert traffic. The traffic was taken off the highway to get around the site of the accident, mentions the police. Then the traffic could be diverted back onto the highway after the accident.

The road remained closed for five hours. Normally roads are opened quicker than this after an accident; however, the hazardous materials complicated the cleanup. Specialist cleanup teams were needed to check the state of the truck and to ensure that it was safe to be moved without spilling the load.

The semi-truck contained a large quantity of bleach and ammonia. This crashed into a barrier for road construction workers in the early hours of the morning. The driver’s identity has not yet been released. However, we are told that the driver of the semi-truck has not been injured and only required minor treatment.

The bleach and ammonia only leaked inside the truck. Fortunately none spilled out onto the road. If it did spill onto the road then it would have been even more difficult to clean up and open the road. This would have resulted in even longer delays while cleanup teams worked to clean the road.

This week was not a good week for motorists. A crash happened in Staten Island and Westchester at around 7:30 am which also caused traffic to slow down. The local police department rushed to the scene of the truck accident but said that there were no injuries. However, road closers resulted in substantial delays for any motorists traveling along affected routes.

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