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Accident Involving Ammunition Truck Closes I-40


A traffic incident involving an ammunition truck was very worrying for onlookers, observed a witness. The accident resulted in the road at the Fort Smith Junction to be closed for most of the day on Wednesday.

The truck which was carrying around 28,000 lbs. of explosives was involved in a dangerous traffic accident which put many lives at risk. The explosives were being transported from the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.

Police were first called to the scene of the accident. However, as the police explain, the accident was much more serious than most. The accident involved a fairly large quantity of explosives. For this reason a specialist team needed to travel from Fort Sill in order to take a look at the load and make sure that it was safe.

When dealing with such a large quantity of explosives it is vital to make sure the public is completely safe. While this did cause quite long delays for drivers wanting to use the interstate, it was essential. It simply wasn’t worth the risk to quickly and hastily move the vehicle carrying the explosives. If this exploded then it could cause lots of damage, including a possibility of a loss of human life.

The whole of the westbound carriageway of interstate 40 was shut down while police and specialists dealt with the truck and explosives onboard. This caused the traffic on the interstate to backup for over a mile, said the police. This created a gridlock which affected the interstate for more than three hours.

For safety, the airspace around the site of the truck accident was cleared and closed. It was only opened again when they could be sure that there was no risk of the explosives blowing up. The police always take lots of precautions when dealing with accidents which involve explosives.

After a wait of around four hours the military managed to make the load of explosives safe and moved the truck out of the way. When the accident was completely cleared, the interstate was opened. Traffic was able to travel along the interstate 40 again on late Wednesday afternoon. The Bronx and Brooklyn rarely experience accidents like this.

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