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Victim in Interstate 95 Accident was Pregnant


A report which has been obtained by a reporter, explains that a crashwhich occurred on Interstate 95 resulted in the death of a pregnant woman. The accident occurred on Interstate 95 between exits 9 and 10.

Two residents of New Jersey, one of which was a pregnant 18 year old woman were the victim of a tragic accident.

The 18 year old pregnant woman and a 42 year old man died in the crash. It’s alleged that this crash was caused by a drunk driver.

The driver of the SUV which caused the crash survived and was not harmed. She was detained by police and appeared in court on Monday charged with second-degree manslaughter and other charges. The driver is said to be on suicide watch as they fear for the safety of the driver.

The driver of the other vehicle was pronounced dead when emergency services arrived. The 18 year old pregnant girl was pulled from the vehicle by passersby and transported to hospital by ambulance.

The pregnant woman died at 7:12 am on Saturday morning from blunt trauma injuries sustained in the accident. It was not possible to positively identify the driver of the vehicle because he was burned all over.

The family is shaken by this accident and says that they are very sad about losing the life of a young girl and a future mother.

All of the occupants of the SUV were taken for treatment at another nearby hospital. They only had minor injuries which including sprained ankles, concussions and lacerations. The driver of the SUV was taken into custody for more questioning.

The accident happened when the driver of the SUV attempted to overtake a semi-trailer on Interstate 95. However, she lost control and hit the trailer, observed the witness. This caused the truck to flip over and spin which then caught fire.

The driver which caused the accident is a mother of four, and alcohol is thought to of been involved in the accident. The police investigation in Nassau and Suffolk is currently ongoing.

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